The 3 gadgets you NEED this Christmas

The 3 gadgets you NEED this Christmas

20th Nov 2020

Christmas is looming, and in a year of serious stress and strain, it's fair to say we're all looking forward to taking a load off and relaxing this festive season. Or maybe that doesn't sound right. A relaxing Christmas? After the year you've just had, it's time to put your feet up and make things a little easier. To help you, these are the 3 gadgets you need this Christmas.

1. Wine glass writer

We know how chaotic Christmas can get with so many people up and down, taking part in games and leaving plates and wine glasses unattended. Even if you're expecting a smaller crowd than usual this year, you can still expect to hear the familiar echo of 'which is my glass?'. Wine glass writers are the easy way to label everyone's crockery, ceramics and glassware with their names! They're non-toxic, wipe clean easily, and they come in a range of festive gold, silver and red tones - perfect to add a touch of flair.

2. Coordinated Trolley Bags

Food shopping at Christmas can be a bit of a pain when you have a list as long as Santa's. Something is bound to be missed, and the last thing you want is to get to the checkout and realise you forgot the meringue for the pavlova. Now you can easily keep an eye on where everything is in your cart with Trolley Bags. Colour-coordinated, you can keep all dry, chilled and frozen goods together, or organise them however suits best for easy rummaging. These bags are sturdy, eco-friendly, and you can pack everything back into them for easy unpacking.

3. Scrub Daddy & Mommy

The Christmas feast can very quickly turn into a Christmas feat like no other when you see the mountain of washing up awaiting you. Thankfully, the Scrub Daddy is your faithful elf in the kitchen, making light work of burnt-on grease, dried-on sauce and those finicky utensils that trap everything. This sponge adapts its firmness to the temperature of your water and is safe for use on those non-stick pans, your finest stainless steel cutlery and sensitive surfaces. Plus, he's ergonomically designed to fit into your hand, for pain-free Christmas cleaning. Along with the Scrub Mommy for lathering up a storm, they make the perfect pair.

There's a range of gadgets waiting to make your Christmas easier than ever. And after this year, don't you think you deserve it?