Master your home and garden with these 3 must have tools

Master your home and garden with these 3 must have tools

22nd Feb 2021

2021 is already zooming by and some of us might be dropping a ball here or there when it comes to staying on top of our home and garden. Whether it’s keeping things sparkling clean or just looking to improve our organisation around the house or in the backyard, here are 3 must-have tools for both inside and out.

1. Tubtrugs

Brightly coloured and offered in multiple sizes, these flexible (and childproof) containers are perfect for indoor and outdoor storage needs. Tubtrugs even offer catering ideas as their non-toxic, food-safe design allows them to be used as fancy food containers and their heat and cold protection make for a perfect ice-box for the drinks!

For the green thumbs out there, an all-black range is available and designed from 100% recycled tyres. All Tubtrugs are great for the garden but the tyre rubber range is perfect for hardier jobs outside, such as animal feeders or heavy tool storage.

2. Tidee

The Tidee is deservedly described as the ultimate cleaning tool and it’s easy to see why! Made from strong, durable plastic and lightweight steel, the Tidee offers an escape from back strain and injury. The handled bucket and rake combo is designed to be non-toxic and UV ray resistant to keep whichever of the six colours you choose looking bright and fresh for years. Leaves, produce, toys and smelly gifts from pets are kept at an arm’s length thanks to the Tidee.

3. RapstrapIn need of a reusable, flexible and easy-to-use tool to keep things together? Rapstraps have you covered. The strong yet accessible cable tie that doesn’t need to be destroyed after a single use is perfect for arranging plants, securing loose fixtures and for some colourful cable management. Available for purchase in 24, 48 or 96 packs, Rapstraps can be used time and again so you’ll never be left short. Just like everything else on this list, Rapstraps are available in multiple colours so you can coordinate the perfect look for your garden and home.

So take back your home and garden with these reusable wonders!

Author: Carl Pronti. Marketing Manager for brands like Scrub Daddy, The Pink Stuff and more.