Rapstrap - The releasable, reusable & flexible cable tie

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Product Details

  • 300mm x 10mm x 1.25mm
  • Supplied in tear off sheets of 6
  • Available in packs of 24, 48 and 96
  • Available in 7 colours: black, transparent, green, blue, orange, yellow and red
  • UV Stable (Black & Green only)
  • Made of flexible and durable polyurethane

More Information

One of the most innovative products we’ve seen, Rapstrap is taking the world by storm. Considered the most successful product ever on Britain’s BBC Dragon’s Den, Rapstrap is a releasable tie strip that means you’ll never go back to traditional nylon cable ties.

Admired by the electricians and gardeners who have discovered it, Rapstrap is soft and flexible but also strong and durable enough to hold up to 12 kilos. Made out of polyurethane, it’s elastic like a rubber band, and the ingenious design means it’s also reusable - project after project- whether you’re tying up fragile plants or organizing cables.

So what is it that makes Rapstrap so revolutionary? With a long, thin row of specially designed links, simply feed the thin end through one of the links to create the correctly-sized noose for the job, and pull as tight as you’d like. You can cut off the remaining tie and reuse it again and again – in contrast with traditional nylon cable-ties which can only be used once and then must be discarded. One Rapstrap can also provide up to 5 ties so there’s never any wastage.! And because the entire length of the Rapstrap can be used over multiple projects, there’s less waste going to landfill, and it’s up to 50% cheaper than Velcro.

You can use Rapstrap in so many situations: Rapstrap is the perfect solution to maintain control of the tangle of electrical cables behind your desk or television, or to attach Christmas lights and other accessories around the house. When you go camping, the Rapstrap can be used for everything from attaching lights to your tent to hanging utensils out of reach of animals. And in the garage, Rapstraps will help you keep extension cords, power tool cables and ropes contained, tidy, and out of the way.

The Rapstrap is a single cable tie that’s reusable, releasable and flexible. It’s gentle, durable and cost effective. Whether it’s in the garden, shed or home, having Rapstrap in your cupboard just makes sense.

Get your tangles under control, put Rapstrap in your cart now.


“I got the Rapstrap to tidy up my computer cables, and it was perfect! I’m a dog trainer, and I carry a lot of items for my work clipped to the cargo barrier in my van. I used to use metal dog clips, but they rattled all the time—it drove me crazy! I’ve replaced the dog clips with Rapstraps: no more jingling, and a lot more sanity.” – Kerstin Stephenson

“Hi, I wanted to thank you for Rapstraps. My husband is very impressed and he has already used some in the garden and plans to use some more soon to tidy up some cables. He says he likes their quality and they are so easy to use!” – Connie Anguerre (and Hubby)

“So far, I’m using my Rapstrap in the garden to prop up some plants. I'm finding this product much better than standard zip ties, there's no odd cut offs to clean up, the plastic is soft so doesn't cut into things either.” – Damo

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The Rapstrap is a single cable tie that’s reusable, releasable and flexible.
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