The Scrub Daddy story - from A to clean.

The Scrub Daddy story - from A to clean.

3rd Aug 2020

The one scratch that started a revolution…

Aaron Krause is the mastermind behind the Scrub Daddy. In 1988 while studying at University he supported himself by washing cars. After a few years, he found himself in such high demand that he left University in 1992 to open his own company called Dedication to Detail Inc. There, Aaron specialised in using customised buffing pads - cleaning cars up to a showroom standard. This was when Scrub Daddy’s original ancestors were born.

One day, Aaron accidentally scratched the paintwork of a customers vehicle. He had to come up with a way to fix his mistake and invented something he then called ‘The Edge’ – a specially moulded pad designed to cut and polish until paintwork scrubbed up like new. After years of tinkering with other applications for The Edge and designing new sponges, Aaron patented his designs and kept sponge samples for later developments in a warehouse.

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