Organise your backyard chicken coop like a pro

Organise your backyard chicken coop like a pro

18th May 2021

Owning backyard chickens is a wonderful experience, they are loyal pets, are an eco-friendly way to reduce pests in the garden, they provide fertiliser and, of course, nothing tastes as delicious as a freshly cooked egg straight from your hens. In order to maximise the time spent with your pets, and minimise the time spent organising and cleaning your coop and run, why not try the following innovative cleaning hacks?

1. Tools to Clean the Coop

If you have a traditional metal coop anchored onto a concrete block, or a wooden coop, you are going to need a sturdy cleaning tool to help you with your regular clean. The Gorilla Broom is the toughest multiple purpose broom on the market and is perfect for cleaning the floor of your coop, even on a wet and rainy day.

2. Tools to Clean the Run

Cleaning your chicken's run can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you are using the deep litter method. Add a little rain to your run and you can find yourself in a bit of a mess. However, the Bedding Fork will make mucking out and turning the mulch in your run a breeze. Don't forget that as the litter in your run breaks down, it is fantastic for fertilising your garden. Using the Tubtrugs Shovel remove a layer of litter and place it into one of the non-toxic, environmentally friendly, Tyre Rubber Range and carry it to your vegetable garden or fruit trees.

3. Storage Solutions for Feed

Chickens need a well-balanced diet that includes commercially produced scratch mix, shell grit and in some instances, pellets. A shallow tub, such as the 5L Tubtrug with lid, is a great storage solution for shell grit, starter mix for baby chickens and pullet mix as the chickens grow. Once you have fully grown hens, you will need a larger storage solution for scratch mix and pellets, and this is where the 38L Tubtrug with lid comes in handy. You can even colour code your bins according to feed type, making organisation a breeze.

Using these three simple oganisation hacks, you can spend more time enjoying your backyard chickens and less time cleaning and organising.

Author: Carl Pronti. Marketing Manager for brands like Scrub Daddy, The Pink Stuff and more.