How Trolley Bags Can Change Your Shopping Trips Forever

How Trolley Bags Can Change Your Shopping Trips Forever

8th Apr 2021

Going out shopping to the supermarket can often end up a nightmare. This is especially true if you’re shopping with kids in tow, or if you can only shop at busy times when the supermarket is more like a scrum.

Luckily, the latest trends in shopping organisation and innovation have got you covered. Trolley bags are a must-have for any busy shopper who needs a helping hand at the checkout. Here’s the low down on how these tools can change your life.

How they work

Trolley bags can be hung on the back of your trolley just like any other set of bags. It’s at the checkout where the magic happens: you can unfurl the full set of bags across your trolley as you go to pack, freeing up both hands for you to put the items in. They were first seen on television on the programme Dragon’s Den in Ireland, and since then they’ve become popular as time-saving and effort-reducing packing tools.

Food safety

But trolley bags do a lot more than just organise your food shopping. Cooling trolley bags can also protect the meat, dairy and other temperature-sensitive items you buy from overheating in between the checkout and getting home.

With temperatures getting warmer and warmer, there’s never been a more important time to ensure that your family’s food supply is kept at a safe temperature. What’s more, they only weigh 0.3 kilograms per bag – so you can carry them with ease. They’re also designed to fit into one of the bags in the original, non-cooling set, so you can mix and match.

Reusable trolley bags are the sort of innovation that you didn’t know you needed until they came along. Gone are the days of fighting with an overflowing basket or spending hours unpacking. With easy-clean trolley bags on your side, supermarket shopping is going to be easier than ever.

Author: Carl Pronti. Marketing Manager for brands like Scrub Daddy, The Pink Stuff and more.