​Gifts For Your Horse

​Gifts For Your Horse

It’s OK to buy your Equine Friend a Christmas Present! 

I know some people judge. And most don’t understand. But on my Christmas shopping list… after mum and dad, brother and sister… I have Merlin. My beautiful baby. My horse. After all, he is a part of my family.

I will admit, your options for equine gifts are quite limited. I can’t go to my local Westfield and pick up the perfect present for Merlin. But the one brand I can always trust is Tubtrugs. And I always sense the excitement from my baby when he sees those bright Tubtrugs colours.

While it’s always great to get him some new horse feeders, or tools to keep his stable clean, I was so excited to see their new release this year – the Tubtrugs Drip Feed Ball.

What a great idea! In their trademark Tubtrugs colours, the Tubtrugs Drip Feed Ball is exactly what the name says. It drip feeds your horse treats as he kicks the ball around. So not only are you prompting exercise and reducing boredom, you are rewarding your horse at the same time.

If it wasn’t Tubtrugs branded, I would fear for the life of the ball. As Merlin certainly isn’t the most gentle of creatures. But being Tubtrugs, I know that I can fully trust the quality and strength of this ball. And the one thing you always know you get with a Tubtrugs product is that it will be certified food grade safe.

So while I still have to find the perfect pair of socks for dad. And book for mum. I can at least cross Merlin off my Christmas list. He’ll be getting a red (his favourite colour) Drip Feed Ball in his stocking this year. Now we just have to see if I can wait till Christmas to give it to him.