​Cable Ties are great but Rapstrap is better!

​Cable Ties are great but Rapstrap is better!

Rapstrap are perfect outside in the garden to secure vines and growing tree plants

Like most great products it’s usually an improvement on an existing product, the Rapstrap is no different. The inventor of Rapstrap looked at the functionality of the standard plastic cable tie and re designed it in a way that incorporates some really important changes. So cable ties still have a place but Rapstrap is better for a few reasons.

Rapstrap really is an evolution of cable ties. It’s innovative design combines a new clever chain shape, made from a custom polymer to produce an incredibly versatile fastener. Rapstrap because it’s made from a polyurethane it is softer and more flexible compared to traditional types of nylon or hard plastic cable and wire ties, and unlike its predecessors, it's a lot more efficient!

Rapstrap can be tied and untied again and again. It is releasable and reusable. Not only that but when you cut the end off the Rapstrap and you can use the remaining part, getting up to 5 ties from just one strap. Have a look at the video here <XXXX> Its estimated that up to 80% of the traditional cable tie gets wasted, which is just more plastic that eventually finds its way into landfill.

The 300mm length allow it to be used as a suitable alternative to the traditional nylon cable tie. Because it’s soft and pliable it can be safely used on growing plants without damaging them as they grow unlike other metal and plastic ties. For outdoor use the black or green should be used as they have the higher UV resistance. They can be pulled tight to create the required tension and can’t be over tightened so no damage to what they are holding securely, they are also long enough to tie to a post and secure plants. If you need to make a longer length just join two together.

Cable ties have been around since the 1950s without changing much over that time, now Rapstrap offers a number of advantages over cable ties:

  • Re-usable and removable
  • Easy to tie and untie
  • Highly efficient
  • Advanced chain design to hold secure and tested to hold up weight of up to 12 kg
  • Flexible and soft material