Bust boredom with this innovative toy for horses!

Bust boredom with this innovative toy for horses!

5th Mar 2021

Sometimes horses just need to relax or play, and that’s when the Tubtrugs Dripfeed Ball really shines.

Boredom is often recognised late in horses, manifesting as unwanted behaviours that take time and effort to correct. Bored horses may get into mischief, such as finding loose equipment, rugs and other things in their environment to pull out and toss around. They may start cribbing or chewing on their environment. Severely bored horses may weave back and forth or walk their fence boundary obsessively, which can be hard on their bodies.

Busting boredom can be even more difficult when your horse is required to be on stall rest or loses a stable or pasture mate. Horses are herd animals, and as such they benefit greatly from interaction. When that can’t be with you or another horse or two, toys are a good substitute. They provide puzzles, stimulation and rewards that simulate the way horses interact with other horses in the herd or their environment in a natural setting.

Toys that incorporate food are an innovative way to cater for the bored horse or the horse that requires slow feeding… or both!

Slow feeding toys are especially useful for horses that suffer from ulcers, laminitis or are on a diet for another reason. They don’t increase the volume of food available, but can help make the restriction more tolerable for your horse by curbing hunger and providing a constant low volume flow of food.

The Dripfeed Ball comes from the trusted name of Tubtrugs, renowned for making quality, engaging products that support animal well-being. It is made from food grade materials and is fade resistant to UV light. It is also frost proof for those in cool climates. Weighing 0.5kg with a diameter of 25cm every horse can enjoy it from the smallest miniature pony to the largest draught horse.

The Tubtrugs Dripfeed Ball is a great way to show your horse how much you care about their well-being. Simply fill it with treats of your choice and watch your horse push and kick it around, releasing a treat here and there to reward them and keep them engaged.

Author: Carl Pronti. Marketing Manager for brands like Scrub Daddy, The Pink Stuff and more.