Food Grade Safe

“As a mum, I love Tubtrugs in my kitchen. I’m always careful about food safety. That’s actually how I found out about Tubtrugs. A friend recommended them because she said they’re food grade safe. I love the fact that I can use them for either hot or cold food and know they’re not going to deteriorate. I bought a few lids as well, and keep a stack in the cold room for veggies, and a bunch in the kitchen for other staples. The range of colours makes it easy to know what’s inside each one, and they look great too!”

“I’m a caterer, and I am constantly using my Tubtrugs! They’re great for storing and transporting food, and when I fill them with ice, they become ideal, attractive eskies for garden parties and barbecues! I’ve had a few clients enquire about them and I always recommend Tubtrugs!”

“I bring out my Tubtrugs for picnics. I know it’s safe for my food, and I can pack a great picnic, pop the lid on, and know it’ll arrive in tip-top condition when we get there. I actually use 2: one for the food and one for the picnic blanket, plates and cutlery! I always get so many comments on the bright yellow and pink!”


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