Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our flexible plastic storage containers and innovative lifestyle products? Check out our FAQ and contact us if you have any questions not answered below.

What is KitnCaboodle?
We specialise in selling the best flexible plastic tubs in the world - Tubtrugs® are now sold across 6 continents, but we also have other cool, innovative storage solutions and ideas for the home, office and workplace. We are continually introducing new products as we discover them and their unique benefits, so make sure you visit regularly.

How much is the Postage?
Standard Delivery:
NSW, QLD, VIC & ACT: $12.
WA, SA, NT and TAS: $50. A more accurate shipping quote for these locations can be obtained by calling our friendly staff on 02 9666 1075.

Free Shipping:
Frees shipping is offered on all orders over $99 for NSW, QLD, VIC & ACT.

Are your Tubtrugs the real thing?
Yes, that's right. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Our Tubtrugs® are the original flexible tub that is copied and imitated the world over. You may find similar products on the Australian market, but remember the pinch of a dollar well spent fades quicker than the memory of a dollar spent poorly. Buy the best - buy a Tubtrug®!

How did you come up with the name "Tubtrugs®"?
The two-handled flexible tub came about in 1997 and is now sold on 6 continents. Everyone knows what a "tub" is, and our super-flexible, ultra-durable use-it-for-everything plastic storage container obviously fits that description. A "trug" is a shallow basket made of slats of wood traditionally used in gardens in England. With a little glue and elbow-grease we fit the two words together, and Viola! - Tubtrugs®!

Is this the biggest range of colours and sizes of Tubtrugs® in Australia?
Yes, only here will you find the largest range of colours and sizes to pick from. There are no pre-defined minimum orders. Buy only one Tubtrug or buy 10 of each size and colour - whatever you want. Choose from the biggest range available in one place in Australia.

How strong are Tubtrugs®?
Tubtrugs® have been around for a while and we have seen them used in many weird and wonderful ways that would test the boundaries on any tub, and they pass with flying colours. But just to give you some certainty, all tubs are tested to carry 100kgs. We think they are virtually indestructible and what's great is they are still so lightweight, most weighing 1kg or less.

Tubtrugs® are great, but just in case do you offer any guarantees?
Of course, we are so confident and have been around for so long we know Tubtrugs® last, but for your peace of mind we offer a 12 month guarantee with all tubs. If you have any problems whatsoever, just drop us a line because we want to know.

Can I use cleaning products in my Tubtrug®?
Yes, most common household cleaners or detergents will not damage your Tubtrug®. They are also UV proof and won't fade in the sun, frost proof and fade resistant.

Can I use my Tubtrug® to store food?
Yes, Tubtrugs® are DEHP free and made from virgin low density polyethylene that meets with food grade standards. They are also made under ISO 9002 standards. Many of the cheaper imitation storage containers are made from unknown recyclable plastics that have had many unknown uses in the past. Be safe, buy only where you know what you are getting.

Can I get my Tubtrug® personalised?
Yes just make your order in the normal way and give us a call at 02 9666 1075 and we can talk details with you about how to get your name, logo or whatever you would like printed on the side.

Eureka! I have come up with a completely new and unique use for my Tubtrug® - who should I call?
Call us of course! We have already had thousands of uses already suggested. Just when we think we have heard it all we get a call or email with a new application idea for the world's most useful tub. If you think you have struck something unique, give us a shout, or even better send us a picture. We may very well feature your idea on our site for the whole of Australia to see.

Call us at 02 9666 1075 or email