You got a friend in me.

You got a friend in me.

Pet dogs are the most common pet in Australia today.

There is an estimated 25m pets in Australia and of that 4.2million are pet dogs, that means that 39% of households own a dog. The Australian Veterinary Association estimates that almost half of all Australians either want a pet or want to get another pet. So what’s the driving force behind this growing trend…well in a word companionship. In fact seven out of ten Australians say this is the main reason for getting a dog or cat.

This is a growing industry, which is now estimated to be worth over $8 billion annually with the majority of expenditure on dogs, which is around $4.7 billion. People have made it clear they want the best for their little furry friends and in fact most pet owners consider their pets to be members of the family. With the pet industry one of our specialities we always are on the lookout for the best new products that are available in Europe and beyond.

The Autowater from the company that manufactures the durable and resilient Tubtrugs range is something that is new and would be of interest to pet and livestock owners alike. It automatically keeps a constant fresh supply of water for your pets and livestock all day and night. With a capacity of 2 litres it can accommodate a fresh ongoing supply of water for your pet with a hose connection or just an empty bottle providing the clean source. It’s made with 100% food grade plastic which makes it safe for pets and livestock, it’s also UV ray resistant so can be left outdoors where ever the pets are. It works a little like the cistern in your toilet, it has a smart valve system to stop the bowl overflowing.

It’s great for pets and livestock but also on the farmyard for poultry. Its lightweight so can take it away camping or caravanning to make sure there is a steady continuous supply of water for your furry friend on those hot summer days. For more info check out