Tips to Make Spring Cleaning (kinda) Fun.

Spring cleaning…

Is very boring. And tedious.

But it has to be done. And there are ways to make it easier and less of a grind. Using portable, flexible storage containers like Tubtrugs and Box Tidies can bring order to your piles of junk and structure to your storage areas.

Read on and discover a few ways you can use these handy items to help simplify your spring cleaning.

Introducing the Tubtrug Challenge: make the wardrobe clean out (almost) fun

Aaahh the Tubtrug. So useful in so many ways. Now, an essential tool in relieving the drudgery of spring cleaning. And perfectly suited to assist during the kid’s wardrobe clean out. Prepare yourself with three of approximately the same size in different colours. Line them up and issue your instructions.

Tub 1. For clothes in good condition that can be handed down

Tub 2. For clothes that are good for nothing but the bin

Tub 3. For clothes that are still serviceable and just need to go back in the wardrobe (neatly)

Got more Tubtrugs and more kids? Make it a challenge. Fastest? Tidiest? The beauty of this task is that most kids aged 7+ should be able to do this with minimal supervision.

The contents of tub 3 can be neatly put away in the now spacious wardrobe. Tub 2 can be taken to the bin, the contents of Tub 1 can be kept for younger siblings (see below for ideas on how to organise this), passed on to friends or family or donated to charity.

Box Tidy. Not just for the car boot

Once you’ve worked out which kids clothes actually fit and which are destined for a younger sibling you can bring the Box Tidy into play. It’s a super handy boot enhancer but doesn’t need to be confined to just the car, bring it inside and use it to organise your storage areas.

Imagine you’ve just completed the tub trug Challenge above. In Tub 1 you should have a pile of clothes ready to put away for another child in your family. Because the person who cleared out the wardrobe is possibly less than twelve years old, the pile is a confusing mix of sizes, seasons and styles.

Grab a box tidy, open it up and start separating clothes into sizes and seasons. Label each section clearly and store in your chosen position (top of wardrobe, under the spare bed). They’ll be there, ready for when you need them. No need to sift through a pile of clothes you shoved under the bed 2 years previously. And once you use it for

The idea above focus on the much hated clothes clean out, but you could use these storage items for so many other spring cleaning ideas. Consider these:


For the spring gardener: garden clippings, spare potting mix, funky planter box (put holes in the bottom!)

For the internal organiser: use them to sort toys the same way you organised your clothes or use small ones for pens/pencils/textas and sort out your stationery.

Box Tidy

Sort out your linen press, catalogue your beach towels, keep track of all the spare swimming costumes you keep for last minute pool visitors.

Keep your shoes in order in wardrobes and cupboards, or use to separate sporting equipment, games and toys, or books.

So there you have it, so many applications for spring cleaning from just two of our best sellers. Your house will be super organised and you’ll feel extremely virtuous. Time to start planning summer barbeques where the tub trug can be used in what many people believe is its best incarnation: the drinks cooler.

For information on both Tubtrugs and box tidies please visit and discover more about their amazing versatility (and value for money).