Tubtrugs Shovel - The lightweight & durable plastic shovel

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Product Details

  • 1.2kg, H: 100cm  W: 31cm L: 15cm
  • Made of one-piece, molded, UV stabilized, food contact polypropylene
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • UV proof, frost proof and fade resistant
  • Available in red, purple, pink, sky blue and pistachio

More Information

Whether you’re digging in the garden, mucking out the horse stable, making a giant sandcastle at the beach with the kids or shoveling grain for the chickens, Tubtrugs lightweight Shovels are the ideal tool for the job.

Made of 100 per cent food grade safe plastic, Tubtrugs Shovels are tough, durable and strong. Unlike a metal shovel, your Tubtrugs shovel will never rust or splinter, and doesn’t deteriorate in even the harshest conditions. The wide face and short handle make it perfect for close work.

In your garden, the Tubtrugs Shovel makes all your tasks easier. The one-piece molded plastic construction also makes the Tubtrugs lightweight Shovel a lot lighter than traditional metal shovels - weighing in at only 1.2kg, it won’t add excess weight to the load. And because it has such a wide face, it’s great for every load. It’s also strong enough to stand up to just about anything your garden throws at it!

On the farm, the Tubtrugs Shovel comes into its own. Its food grade safe plastic construction means you can shovel feed without any worries, and you know it’s safe enough to eat off! In fact, we have some customers who even use it in their kitchens when they’re decanting bulk purchases like oats, rice, flour and even dog-food into smaller containers for use.

Because it’s light, bright and strong, your Tubtrugs Shovel is also a great tool for the kids. Whether they want to start their own veggie patch, build the biggest sandcastle and moat on the beach or dig for hidden treasure, the Tubtrugs Shovel is up to the challenge.

Attack your jobs head on, add the Tubtrugs Shovel to your basket now.


“My Tubtrugs Shovels are great on the farm. I use them to dispense feed, and I have a different colour for each kind!”

“I’m an avid gardener, but the work was starting to get harder for me. I love my Tubtrugs Shovel because it’s so much lighter, it’s made a lot of tasks easy and fun again!”

“I looked out the kitchen window the other day and saw my son digging a garden bed. He’s always been interested in gardening, but traditional metal shovels are still a bit heavy—not to mention too long! The Tubtrugs Shovel is just right for him.”

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Tubtrugs Shovels come in purple, pink, pistachio, grey and sky blue.
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