Tubtrugs Scoopour - The multi-purpose scoop

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Product Details

  • 250g, H: 14cm W: 18cm L: 22cm
  • Available in translucent, purple, sky blue, pink and pistachio
  • One piece molded construction
  • Inside marking for measuring volume
  • Made of tough, durable plastic

More Information

The Tubtrugs Scoopour is the ultimate scooper whether you’re dispensing pet food, playing with the kids in the sandpit, or doing some light gardening. It’s light, strong and efficient, and its revolutionary design makes it easier to use than any conventional scoop.

Our customers have used the Tubtrugs Scoopour in so many ways.

In the stable, the Tubtrugs Scoopour really shines. The square mouth makes it simple to get right into the corners of feed bins and Tubtrugs, and it’s efficient, clippings onto the side, too. The innovative handle placement makes the scooping action even easier, and because you scoop vertically instead of horizontally it’s a lot harder to spill. And you can fit more in the Tubtrugs Scoop than in a conventional scoop, meaning you’re more efficient.

In the sandbox or at the beach, the Tubtrugs Scoopour has become a favourite with kids around Australia. Molded from a single piece of lightweight and easy to clean plastic, it’s tough and durable enough to stand up to the rough and tumble, but weighs only 250 grams. The Tubtrugs Scoopour makes it simple for kids’ to fill their dump trucks and sand castle buckets and dig for treasures!

In the garden, there are so many tasks that can be simplified with the Tubtrugs Scoopour. The large size means less repeated digging, and the square shape gets the last of the fertilizer or snail pellets from the corners of the storage bins. Since the Tubtrugs Scoopour comes in different colours, you can use a different one for each task; no more mixing up the tool you use for snail pellets with the one you use for Fido’s food!

Add the Tubtrugs Scoopour to your cart and simplify your outdoor jobs.


“I love my Tubtrugs Scoopour —I first got one to use in the garden, but it’s so useful I had to get more! Now I use them to feed my dog, spread fertilizer on my garden and even fill up a couple of Tubtrugs with ice when I have people over for a party!”

“I knew the Tubtrugs Scoopour was useful, but I never thought the it would be fun! But my daughter loved using it in her sandbox so much, we let her choose her own. She has such a good time looking at all the colours—in the end she chose green. Now we both use our Tubtrugs Scoops together: her in the sandbox and me in the garden!”

“The square shape and unusual handle placement of the Tubtrugs Scoopour makes getting into the corners so easy, and it’s much more efficient than other scoops I’ve used!”

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Tubtrugs Scoopour comes in pink and purple. More colours coming soon.
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