Hot Iron Holster - Professional (White Only)

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Perfect for straight irons, curling irons, hair dryers, brushes, etc.


  • Length - 49.5cm
  • Width - 14cm
  • Depth - 6.4cm


  • A handy silicone holder for hot styling tools
  • Conveniently attaches to any smooth, non-porous surface
  • Easy to place, move, and clean
  • Adds functional storage to small spaces
  • Heat resistant to 260°C
  • A great travel companion - perfect when you need to style and go!
  • Keeps hot styling tools away from clients and small children
  • 3 available sizes: Professional, Deluxe, Original


  • Clean product with a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol or rinse with water. 
  • Let product dry completely and place on clean, dry surface. Once in position, it’s okay to get the product wet.
  • Some household cleaning solutions may affect the performance of the product. It is recommend to periodically remove your product and clean it.
  • Test surface for adhesion before placing objects in pocket.
  • Sharp objects may cause damage.
  • Do not place photographs on product. Properties of photo paper may cause it to bond with silicone.
  • If product gets stuck to any surface, use a hair dryer to heat the surface and remove.