Ezyline - The innovative pegless clothesline

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Product Details

  • Pack includes 18 Ezyline links, two 55 centimetre cords, 1 spring, 1 Ezyclip and fully printed instructions
  • Available in Green, Pink, Blue and Outback (red, yellow, black)
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Length - 2 metres

More Information

Ezyline is the innovative upgrade to your clothesline and pegs: it’s faster, easier, and portable! Gone are the days of pegs that fade and get brittle in the sun. Chuck out the peg-basket and discover the new easy way to dry your clothes.

It only takes a few minutes to set up your Ezyline: everything you need is in the pack. The only thing you need is two anchor points to hang your Ezyline – you can use it anywhere, from verandas to balconies and carports. Ezyline can even be attached to your existing clothesline! It’s perfect for travelers and campers as well as hanging your clothes to dry inside when the weather is not co-operating outside.

Ezyline is a two metre chain made of 18 polypropylene links. Each link can hold a laundry item – you slide the washing into an opening towards the tapering end. Your laundry will be held securely, without any damage. To make hanging your laundry really easy, right-handed people can insert laundry from left to right. If you’re left-handed, simply move to the other side of your Ezyline, and tuck your laundry from right to left.

Bringing the washing in is even easier. Just swipe your hand along the line of washing in the opposite direction from when you hung it out, collecting your clean and dry laundry in one armful as you go. No more will you have to juggle clothes, baskets and pegs – Ezyline makes it effortless.

When you’re traveling or camping, just toss the lightweight Ezyline pack in your bag—it weighs less than 100 grams and has everything you need to use your versatile Ezyline in any conditions. Ezyline is also UV stabilized, which means it won’t degrade in the sun. It’s tough and robust: you can set it up outside without worrying. And, because the Ezyline replaces your pegs, there’s no more broken, fragile or missing pegs to worry about!

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“My experience with Ezyline made hanging out the washing fun. WOW, I never thought I would say that about doing the laundry!”

“I found it very easy to assemble Ezyline to my existing clothesline and it only took a few minutes before I was ready to hang my first load of washing. I thought it was great that the length of the Ezyline was easily adjustable by unclipping a few of the Ezylinks—it will fit everywhere!”

“I was initially a little worried about my heavier laundry items—I couldn’t believe something so easy was so strong! But even on a windy day my towels stayed in my Ezyline until I collected them. And once I got used to the one handed technique, it’s just so easy!”

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