Tubtrugs Cesto

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  • Available in purple and pistachio
  • 50 cm x 30cm 26cm
  • Made of non-toxic, food grade safe plastic

More Information

Bright, durable, flexible and safe, Tubtrugs Cesto is the perfect multi-purpose solution to transport everything from your groceries to your kids’ beach gear.

Unlike conventional shopping bags, which don’t have the structure to protect your groceries, the Tubtrugs Cesto is made of strong, flexible plastic which stops your groceries being crushed. Food grade non-toxic plastic construction means you can shop assured your food will reach home as fresh and delicious as when you first picked it up – giving you peace of mind that your family isn’t being exposed to nasty chemicals.

You can take the Tubtrugs Cesto anywhere. How about the beach? The Tubtrugs Cesto is tough and durable enough to withstand the sun, salt and sand, and it comes in three bright colours. Keep all of the kids’ beach toys together and never lose another spade! Or even give each child their own beach kit in a different coloured Tubtrugs Cesto, and teach them to look after their own toys.

Tubtrugs Cesto is also perfect for transporting your sports gear, both to and from the game. Because the Tubtrugs Cesto is food grade plastic, it doesn’t absorb moisture or odours, so you can cart your sweaty workout gear home without having to worry about or wash the bag. Just rinse and you’re ready to go again!

Everyone loves a summer picnic - and with Tubtrugs Cesto you have a stylish solution which is the perfect size to pack a picnic. You can nestle everything you need, from bread and cheese to a bottle of wine or two, in your Tubtrugs Cesto, and you know it’ll be safe and sound until you get to your idyllic picnic spot.

There are so many uses for the Tubtrugs Cesto. How will you use yours?

Get your groceries safely to their destination, add Tubtrugs Cesto to your basket now!


“I trust my Tubtrugs Cesto to get my groceries safely home from the market. I used to worry about the fruit and veggies getting crushed, but now there’s simply no need.”

“My girlfriend gave me a Tubtrugs Cesto for my soccer gear. It’s great! After the game I just shove everything in, then straight into the washer at home. I’ve been using it for months, and it doesn’t smell at all!”

“My son loves his Tubtrugs Cesto at the beach. He keeps his spade, bucket and towel in it, and really enjoys unpacking it when we get to the beach. He gets even more excited when we have to go and he can pack all of his things back into it!”