Box Tidy - The ultimate car boot organiser

Box Tidy
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Product Details

  • Available in navy
  • Each compartment expands to 30cm x 30cm x 30cm.
  • Folds away to only 5cm for storage with Velcro strap to hold fast
  • Made from lightweight and durable wipe clean material
  • Expands to 1, 2, 3 or 4 self-contained compartments
  • Hanging handles on each end to facilitate vertical storage

More Informtation

The expandable Box Tidy is the perfect fold-away storage system for your car boot or anywhere you need a versatile storage solution.

The Box Tidy will fit every car boot and can be used with only one, two, three or all four compartments expanded, meaning you only use the space you need. And the Velcro tabs let it fold down to a tidy 5cm when you need the space for larger items.

Want to transport your grocery shopping easily, prevent spills and protect your fresh fruit and vegetables from being damaged on your trip home? Each of the Box Tidy’s four self-contained compartments is durable, stable and the perfect size to hold a green shopping bag securely. The Box Tidy is the only organizer that has string netting compartments on the front and back for additional storage, like magazines, shoes or water and wine bottles in the shopping.

Why stop at shopping? Whether it’s tools, kids sports gear or camping gear, the tough, wipe clean material of the Box Tidy makes it the best storage solution for everything you have rolling around in your boot!

And our customers don’t just use the Box Tidy in the car. Lightweight and strong, the Box Tidy has hanging handles on each end, so you can use it pretty much anywhere you need some organization: from the toys in the kids’ bedrooms, to your shoes in your own closet; from the tools in the garage to the towels in the laundry. Anywhere you need to organize and store things in small places – whether in the tent or caravan –Box Tidy can do the job.

Add the Box Tidy to your cart now and get ready for a tidier, more organized life.


‘I love how easy the Box Tidy makes shopping! Now I never worry about what mess I’ll find when I get home. And my green bags fit snugly, so I know all the fragile items are protected.’

‘The green Box Tidy with the lower sides is perfect for moving my plants and herbs around, transporting from the shop to Mum’s house means no more mess and soil in the back of my car’

‘When my partner first put the Box Tidy in my boot I thought it would get in the way. But it folds away securely when I need the space for my surfboard, and it keeps our muddy shoes from making a mess when we go hiking. I’ve even used it when I’m going to a friend’s for a barbecue – the six-pack got there safely!’

‘I love using the Box Tidy in my closet. I used to have my shoes all over the floor; it was a mess! Now they don’t get damaged and I never have to spend time looking for the other shoe.’